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View an online PowerPoint presentation about CAZITech (best with broadband).

CAZITech Consulting offers strategic marketing and management services that include management education, strategic planning, market & competitive analysis, business development, evangelism, communication, and related activities.

Vision:  An information society where consumers have easy access to services (all services) and service providers have equal access to consumers (all consumers), without worrying about wiring or incumbent competitors that control that infrastructure.


Mission:  Help organizations discover, analyze, develop, and evangelize new opportunities that exploit truly high-speed broadband networks for a positive impact on societies in the information age.


Purpose:  Encourage the construction of electronic onramps to an information superhighway that accelerates the benefits of e-commerce,  e-government, telecommuting, distance learning, and telemedicine.  Where possible, these onramps should provide universal access and support people with special needs.  And they should rely on open standards, protocols, APIs, and file formats so no one company gains monopolistic control.


Clients:  Client organizations are often involved in the deployment or use of broadband, wireless and home networks but need a better understanding of how these various markets are converging, the various market drivers and inhibitors, and the role they can play in the value chain to capture a bigger piece of the pie or accelerate forecasted growth rates to form a larger pie.


Market Segments:

Broadband Networks

Data Networks

Wireless Networks

Voice Networks

Entertainment Networks

Control Networks

Security Networks

Home Network Wiring

Fiber Optic Networks

Residential Gateways








CAZITech Consulting
2613 Salerno Place

Cedar Park, TX 78613


wayne_caswell (AT) cazitech (DOT) com

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